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Stunning place, stunning setting

Epacha well we heard enough of Epacha and this was our destiny. after some beautiful gravel road traveling we reached the gate late after noon and was recorded into their access control book by a guy that knew his work well. A small road take you to the lodge. Misleading is that there is a sign that show Eagle lodge and you do not know what is happening there. At the end we learned that it is a sister lodge to Epacha. OK to late we have already booked in. The chalets is quite a steep walk on a not so good paved walking path against the slope of a the bar there was very few to chose from the menu since their delivery did not arrive. All so there was not that much guests.Stunning place, stunning setting and that is where it end.Service is below average but above poor. the sauna, Jacuzzi was off. Will I go there again.Yes if Paul turn up the service and product availability I will visit them again.Over all experience was good.I am going to the south this weekend and will update where we were.

Date: Aug 2013

Reviewed by: Roland from Namibia

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Breathtaking pool area

The bungalows are spacious and stylishly furnished with a big veranda overlooking the park. There are two bathrooms one indoors and the other outdoors magnificent. The dinner is yummy and the pool area is breath taking.


Reviewed by: Franziska

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Amazing, friendly and efficient

The staff made our stay at the Lodge amazing, friendly and efficient all the way. The rooms were stunning, attentive to detail and very spacious.
The entire lodge is well managed and clean, the bird feeder was the highlight for me a bird lover with all kind of bird roaming freely. The food was good and the desert was excellent.


Reviewed by: Julie

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From the moment we checked in!!!

From the moment we entered the establishment to the moment we left we felt at home and were treated like the only customer.
The rooms were comfortable and had a personal touch, the food was mouth-watering.


Reviewed by: Judy

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