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Camp needs urgent attention...

Me and my family stayed at Dolomite Camp in March. It is truly a magnificent setting with amazing views. Unfortunately the maintenance and management of the camp needs urgent attention.

I paid for my 2 children and there were no beds for them. After enquiring 1 matress was placed in the room. My husband ended up sleeping on the mattress. None of us had a good nights rest because of the inconvenience. The coffee bar was not properly stocked for 4 people. The tap at the basin was loose. My parents stayed and there was no mirror in their chalet.

I am very dissapointed and cannot recommend Dolomite camp for any other reason than the setting. I hope that the maintenance in all the Etosha camps can be reconsidered because it is truly an asset to Namibia.

Date: Mar 2016

Reviewed by: Emje

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Great food

This place is amazing! We spent two nights here the rooms are gorgeous, the food is great and the view of the Etosha hill was stunning.
We saw a lot of animals as we went on a game drive around the dolomite area including a zebra, heaps of giraffe, antelope, elephants and rhinos.


Reviewed by: Frank

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We will definitely come back

The camp is located in a tranquil position on top of a ridge. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and creatively designed, the dinner was exceptional and of high standard.
Unfortunately we had one night to explore this place; we will definitely come for more!!


Reviewed by: John

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An absolute must

Dolimite camp is an absolute must. The whole experience is breathtaking and the staff is very friendly, profesional and they go out of their way to make your stay pleasureable. Food is awesome, rooms are clean and absolutely stunning.

Date: Jul 2015

Reviewed by: Adele

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