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Wooden swings hanging from trees

I spent three unforgettable nights with my husband, brother and his wife at Ntwala Island Lodge. Off all the lodges we’ve stayed in Ntwala Island Lodge takes the cup in terms of everything; we earnestly had a wonderful time here. The lodge has private plunge pool, huge baths filled with bubbles and wooden swings hanging from the trees.

Our guide was a walking book of the wild, he knew everything and answered all our questions with enthusiasm and interest, and he made our visits special and worthwhile. This lodge is isolated, luxurious, modern and in the middle of nowhere.


Reviewed by: Martin

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I tried reasoning with the manager....

Our experience at this lodge was below our simply expectations. The lodge is run down and in need of refurbishment/renovations, the carpets were dusty and the cushions were dirty and smelly, chairs and railings were broken and the pool was slummy green and dirty.
The service was the worst, one would think with such faults they would try to make up for it with world class but no, from the attitude management to the rude staff no one seemed to care about the guests.

We were here on a fishing trip, we arrived late afternoon and when we told them about our interest to go fishing in the afternoon, we were told that it was not possible since there didn’t have enough live bait for us which is purchased in the mornings.
When I tried reasoning with the manager, I was given different excuses and to my surprise after a few hours we were told that the bait was available and we were allocated one boat for the four of us instead of two boats, so two of us had to remain behind since the boat was too small to carry the four of us plus the guide.


Reviewed by: Stuart

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The service was good!!!

This lodge is a true African paradise, it surpassed all our expectations, from the moment we set foot, and we were taken aback by this oasis perched between the channels of Zambezi. The décor and the architectural design are out of this world and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.
The service was good, fast and efficient and the food was excellent, well prepared, creatively presented and fresh. The guides just made my stay an unforgettable one, they were knowledgeable, charming and had a good sense of humour. The lodge offers privacy, tranquillity in the bushes without compromising on quality.


Reviewed by: Jessie

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