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Consider the comfort of the guests....

Camp Kwando is set just by the river with some decks extending into the river. The chalets are closed at all sides and there is no circulation of air since there are no air conditioners or fans in the room it was stuffy and the heat was unbearable at night since we were here during summer.
Electricity is switched off at 10pm and it was virtually impossible to find anything in the dark, the camp runs on a generator but they should also consider the comfort of the guests. The tours organised by the place are over-priced but cheaper when you book your own activities directly. The food was bad and hardly edible.


Reviewed by: Pamela

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Unfriendly and unaccommodating!!

We spent one night at this place due top unforeseen circumstance, the place is perched next to the river and we stayed in our rooftop-tent. We felt like we were not next to river but in a garden, we had dinner at the restaurant and the food was good.
The management and staff were unfriendly and unaccommodating. We went on a boat trip which was organised by the lodge and we had a great time we saw elephants taking a bath in the river our guide was good and passionate about what he was doing.


Reviewed by: Kalita

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