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Disgusted at the way we were treated...

I decided to start our tour in Ai Ais as this place has a majestically ambiance no one can explain and then to top it the most beautiful accommodation in the chalets. 3 of the guests decided to stay in the River View rooms and we then booked two chalets next to each other for the remaining 7 adults. The total accommodation for the 7 adults for 3 nights was a significant amount, a huge chunk of our savings but I promised my friends it would be worth it.

On our arrival 15:00 the 25th of March we were told by the reception lady that the one chalet can be occupied but they are still busy cleaning the second chalet. So after a very tiring travel we moved into the one chalet and some started unpacking. After two hours we went back to the lady at reception and then only she told us there was a double booking by the agency and our chalet was taken... Completely outraged we then requested another chalet, only to be told the resort was fully booked. The manager was also not at all on the resort and would only be back the 26th.

We were then offered to sleep next to the camping site, a disgusting filthy little room, and updated 40 years ago full of spider webs. We refused and asked the reception lady to make another plan. She was completely unequipped to handle the situation and did NOTHING to help us. We then asked the reception lady to arrange for the beds in the disgusting little room to be taken to the chalet that we do have so that we can at least have beds to sleep on. She refused. She said we should sleep on the floor. We then asked if we could then get the key for this disgusting little room and we would transport the beds ourselves and she refused. My friend then walked behind the reception and took the key. In front of a fully booked Ai Ais, our husbands carried the beds, mattresses and bedding to the one chalet we do have and placed the beds in the kitchen area. Only after a while did the tour guide come with a vehicle with some cutlery.

The next morning the manager came to the chalet. He was very apologetic and did manage to calm the situation in a way. He told us that a regular customer from Rosh Pinah wanted to stay in a chalet over the long weekend even though he did not book. We were told by the manager that somebody in his kitchen gave the customer the key of the chalet without permission and that is why we did not have a chalet. So Ai Ais was paid double for one chalet, or so we think, the customer could have been staying there for free!

The manager told us that he will ask the customer from Rosh Pinah to leave and give us the chalet, but we were given another chalet of other tourist who left that morning. So at least on the second night we had what we asked for and paid for. We also demanded our money back and were told over and over by the manager that he will personally contact reservations with a letter requesting our money back.

I am DISGUSTED at the way we were treated. I will NEVER recommend Ai Ais again and I am hereby also determined to post/share our experience with as many people/tours/newspapers as possible. Besides our accommodation problem, I have NEVER seen Ai Ais in such a state. The chalets in itself are very badly maintained and dissolving at a rapid pace. The restaurant area is filthy and shockingly badly stocked. Forget about the shop, it was our most expensive prices we paid for items in the whole of Namibia. Our friends that stayed in the River View rooms had one light working and NO air-conditioning and they paid for 3 people and their daughter had to sleep on a mattress only.

Date: Mar 2016

Reviewed by: Karin from South Africa

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Happy Guests

We loved Ais Ais (August 2014) - did battle a bit to find the entrance to the accommocation, but after that all good. Very nice accom (towelling robes a nice touch for going to the pool!), friendly and efficient staff, food tasty even if not a great choice. Would definitely recommend. Beautiful environment.


Reviewed by: Annette

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Not Impressed

Reception poor, did not even show us to our room told us round the back and it took a while to find how to get to the first floor. No help offered with the unloading of luggage or anything. Dining experience - bad. We were not even given a menu, told a pork chop, a lamb chop or a T-bone. We ordered T- bones except one of us received a bit of beef ? We think it was beef on a bit of bone ( not a T-bone at all ). Would we go there again - definitely never. They have a beautiful place and although the design of access to the upper rooms is ridiculous the service and attitude leaves a lot to be desired. Really need to up their game as people are paying good money to stay there.


Reviewed by: Vernon

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Pleasant Surprise

Safe drive on well-maintained gravel road. Friendly service, great food. Excellent experience.


Reviewed by: Cecel le Roux

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We wanted to show our friends the Fish River Canyon, as we have walked this before and stayed at this lodge before. Our experience of this Lodge has always been good. The general staff, the kitchen staff, waiters, etc were all friendly and went out of their way to help us. It was very quiet compared to other years because of the river not flowing, but it remains beautiful and a must see on your Namibia tour. The breakfast, supper, cake and coffee on the stoop and the rooms are excellent. The water of the hot springs are clean and hygenic. Everything is clean and the animals, quiver trees, birds, etc is wonderful.

Date: July 2013

Reviewed by: LC Ogilvie

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Indoor pool was a pleasure

We were there late February 2013 for several days, very comfortable under thatch, indoor pool was a pleasure, restaurant was reasonable considering, service excellent. Ideal stop over for Orange River Canyon and surrounding areas. Campers should be cautioned of baboons, conceal all food etc. close tents and car windows.Temperature around 42C wear protective clothing.

Date: Feb 2013

Reviewed by: Alan Smith from USA

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Beautiful with poor service

We ended up being double booked. Where booked for family unit. Seperated us and putting us in the indoor pool rooms. Me and 2 very small kids in one room upstairs.Management to make up for mistake with free dinner. We ended up paying for after huge argument about them not knowing the next day.Food is excellent and a beautiful resort.

Date: Aug 2013

Reviewed by: Ilze from South Africa

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Too expensive

The rooms next to the indoor spa pools are the worst due to the noise from next door. The quality is not worth the price charged; I think camping is the way to go.


Reviewed by: Belinda T

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Magnificent Resort

Magnificent rooms at the end of the canyon. With indoor hot springs and a big swimming pool to say the least, to top it all, the restaurant has good if not excellent food.


Reviewed by: Peter

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Loved the Jaccuzi

We had fun at Ai Ais everything was top range, the rooms were nicely decorated, and there is a private Jaccuzi and DSTV with surround system which the kids enjoyed so much.

The restaurant was a let-down, the food was disappointing and expensive, my advice to everyone going to Ai Ais is take your own food.


Reviewed by: Diane


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