Num Num Lodge Ponta Do Ouro Mozambique

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Num Num Lodge Mozambique

Num Num Lodge Mozambique

Num Num Lodge Mozambique

This is a private lodge situated in the Nkumbe Wildlife Estate. This estate comprises 250Ha of pristine bush located behind the primary dune 5km north of Ponta do Ouro and 1km south of Ponta Malongane.

It is enclosed by a game fence with a controlled entrance with gate house. The lodge is set at the edge of a clearing and is totally isolated from any other lodges providing absolute privacy allowing guests to enjoy the true bush experience.

Apart from mammals already on the estate, including common and red duiker, vervet and samango monkeys, bush babies, genets etc., further introductions include impala, zebra, nyala and common reedbuck, all of which have settled in well. It is planned to introduce more species in 2012.

Num Num Lodge Mozambique


Accommodation at Num Num Lodge

Accommodation comprises a central living area including lounge, dining and kitchen with a double en suite bedroom on each side and a large deck. Ceiling fans are fitted in all the rooms.
Furnishings are tasteful and the lodge is well equipped. The lodge is fully equipped but guests need to bring their own bathing towels.

Electricity and Water
The estate has mains power. However power cuts can occur and guests are advised to take torches and lamps. The lodge has a gas hob with an electric oven. Water is supplied from boreholes. It has a slight discolouration so guests may like to take their own water for drinking.

Petrol and diesel.
Fuel is available in Ponta do Ouro.
Bathing towels.
The lodge is fully equipped but guests need to bring their own bathing towels.
Visitors are warned that this is a malaria area and prophylactic treatment is recommended. Mosquito repellants are also advised.

A 4x4 or SUV is essential for the trip from the border post.

Attractions / Activities At and Nearby To Num Num Lodge


Deep Sea Fishing

Game Fishing

Dolphin / Whale / Whale Shark Viewing

Turtle & Hatching Tours

Pubs / Restaurants

On the estate
Guests can enjoy walking anywhere on the estate but are advised to keep to the sand roads. On walks there is always the opportunity to spot game and the birding can be very rewarding.
The property comprises sand forest, grasslands and wetlands and over 130 bird species have been identified in the last year and doubtless the list will grow as more bird watchers visit the estate.

Please note that vehicles may only be driven on the road network and the speed limit on the estate is 20km/hr. No quad bikes or motor bikes may be driven on the estate.

Where is Num Num Lodge?
- For GPS users the coordinates of the entrance gate to Nkumbe are S26° 48.051’ E32° 53.016’
- The coordinates for the entrance to Plot 27 (Num-Num Lodge) are S26° 48.444’ E32° 52.538’

From South Africa drive towards Kosi Bay but at the turn off for Kosi Bay continue on the R22 to the Kosi Bay Border Post. Remember to reduce the pressure of your tyres to +/- 1.0 bar at a petrol station at Emanguzi or at the border.

From the border take the sand track for 7km to Ponta do Ouro. (Make sure with locals or knowledgeable drivers as to which is the right track). Exit Ponta Do Ouro on the road (track) to Ponta Malongane. After 5km you will see Nkumbe Estate on the left hand side. Look out for the “360 degree” pub which is on top of a small hill on the right opposite the estate.

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