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We had a great time

We stayed here over the New Year period, the place is under-priced because there offer a whole lot more. The rooms were spacious and clean with mosquito nets and linen provided. There were a lot of enjoyable parties at the bar and the staff was companionable. The food was superb and thank you guys for a great time.


Reviewed by: Victor

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What a joke!!!

We spent two nights in summer at Smugglers and we had a terrible experience here. From the entrance the place looks good with manicured lawns and a clean swimming pool but the rooms are tiny and dirty. The restaurant/bar was too noisy for my liking and the food was just edible. The staff was friendly and attentive but not enough to make up for the bad situation.


Reviewed by: Sylvia

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Find an alternative

This place is most suitable for backpackers and families and it’s over priced for what there offer. We were a family of five and we were allocated a room with the 5th bed was on the little place in the roof, the bed was very hard and uncomfortable. The food that we ordered took forever.


Reviewed by: Rebecca

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