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Thank you very much for a fabulous holiday!

We stayed at your lodge from 29 Dec– 10 Jan and enjoyed every day! We were a party of 6 and the accommodation suited us perfectly. The beds were made up so nicely with flowers, we felt special from the moment we arrived. The house clean and had everything we needed with the most beautiful view of the sea and Islands right in front of our house! The pool at the lodge was a welcome relief of the heat and was always sparkling clean! The staff was super friendly and always ready to help or bring a drink to from the bar to the pool.

There was a storm approaching the first evening and we decided to have dinner at the restaurant at the lodge. They prepared fresh fish caught earlier that day which was delicious! Vilanculos had a terrible storm that night with heavy rain and strong winds the whole night. The pool was green the morning after but by lunch time it was sparkling again. The men went deep sea fishing twice and could not stop talking about how they enjoyed it! They caught lots of fish and again the restaurant prepared it excellently for everyone to enjoy. The lodge arraigned Horse riding for me and my friend while our husbands were out fishing. I can definitely recommend the Horse Safari on the beach, it was very special and we had a lovely time. The lodge had a fabulous new year’s party and all the guests joined in the celebrations! The Island-trips was definitely a highlight! We visited Bangwe, Magaruque and Bazarutu Islands. The lodge arranged a traditional Dhow boat for us to go to Bangwe Island. It was smooth sailing all the way. We had a lovely lunch of grilled fish and salads prepared by the lodge chef on the island! We saw the most beautiful sea stars in the shallow water and played on the beach and in the lovely warm turquoise water all day!

Our trip to Two Mile Reef and Bazaruto Island was extra special. We stopped at Deadmans Island on the way where our friends got engaged! This was very romantic and we all celebrated! Two Mile reef is definitely the best snorkelling experience you can have, this is highly recommended. We had a lovely braai on Bazaruto and was fortunate enough to see a DUGONG! This was definitely my best moment!
Vilanculos is a very special place to my husband and myself. It is like no other place in Mozambique. Do not expect a beach with waves and umbrellas, expect a beach that changes colour every hour, dhows sailing in the shallow water and vistas to dream about. This is a please to relax and enjoy the slow pace of a traditional fishing village, see how the fisher men go out with their dhows in the morning and return when the tide comes in. In the evening watch how the moon rises over the sea and look at the most beautiful stars above your head. Visit the Islands (which is a marine reserve) and enjoy the colourful tropical fish and corals (there is a day fee payable when visiting the islands which goes to the reservation of the corals and islands), swim in the clearest water and walk on the powder white-unspoiled beaches, collect pansy shells and start to plan your next trip, because if you have been to Vilanculos and Casa Chibububo Lodge, you will be back to share this piece of paradise with family and friends. This was our 8th visit to Casa Chibububo and we will most definitely return! Thank you for everything!

Date: Dec 2014

Reviewed by: Lyndell and Wimpie from South Africa

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