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Beautifully decorated

The lodge has two types of accommodation the cabins with sea views and the rooms with a balcony facing the sea. The rooms are spacious, luxurious and more expensive than the cabins.

The common area is well maintained and beautifully decorated. The food is excellent and the portions are big, the staff was companionable and forth coming. There are two stylish pools in the premises.


Reviewed by: Veronica

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The infinity pool was amazing!!!

We missed our flight and decided to stay for a night since we were stranded with no booking anywhere in Vilanculos. We found this lodge by chance, the lodge is surrounded by lovely gardens and laid back our room was luxurious, large, beautiful decorated and clean.

The bathroom was equipped with a large oval tub, a separate shower and a toilet in a separate room. The room was very comfortable with a large double bed and a mosquito net, the balcony had chairs and a table and very private. The food was delicious and the infinity pool was breath-taking, the lodge is a short distance from the beach.


Reviewed by: Ronald

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