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Excellent stay at Laguna

End of December 2014 to January 2015 we spent at Complexo Laguna in Bilene, Mozambique. We were 2 adults and 2 kids aged 4 and 9. We stayed in a chalet that was one bedroom with a double bed and two single beds (all with mosquito nets) a bathroom with shower and a nice big kitchen. There was also a patio in the front with a braai area.

We were just a walk away from the lagoon which was awesome. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. You don't even have to leave the complex to buy anything. You can get it from the front desk or restaurant which is awesome. The food at the restaurant is divine, especially the chicken - a must if you go there! The complex has a pool that you can enjoy when you are tired of the beach or the lagoon. You can also rent a boat with driver to take you to the mouth of the lagoon and where you can visit Bilene beach instead. An awesome experience.

Around the complex are various our resorts you can visit and are easily accessible especially if you have a 4x4. You can also rent the boat to visit the resorts on the other side. We will most definitely visit again.

Date: Dec 2014

Reviewed by: Nadia

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Do not go to this camp

On our way to Johannesburg we stayed at Laguna camp as a stop over. The place looked good and the price wasn't bad either, so we thought it would be a nice place to stay the night...We got there and we unpacked and wanted to get comfy by the restaurant, with a drink and something to eat as we were hungry from the drive. We got our drinks... and I did not enjoy mine, i had ordered a beer and it was expired...

The food was not of any quality you could eat, the prawns was not cleaned at all, and when we wanted prawns main they gave us shrimp, not sure they really know what they were doing, some of it was over cooked and some under cooked, how can you relax and enjoy a meal if this is what the service and quality is like? After the terrible food and drinks, we had gone to our chalet only to find it full of cockroaches and a big spider. We used almost 2 cans of doom just to get rid of most of them, but they just seemed never ending... We couldn't wait to leave, we also found black disgusting things under the pillows. It was one terrible night...


Reviewed by: Kalle

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My family and i had visited Mozambique for the holidays and spent 2 nights here. It get hot here and having an air con in the room is great. we have a spacious 3 bedroom chalets and it is gorgeous. The stoep view is great and the kitchen has everything you need. The food was great that was served by the restaurant and we loved the swimming pool, The staff as well as the owner is polite and friendly I want to come back and camp here, the campsites look big and protected...


Reviewed by: Susan


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