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Mozambique holiday

First don't use the border at Komatipoort, as it is a nightmare. Was delay with 6 hours. The people as the border that walk around is also very scaly, don't show your Meticals (money) at all. They pretend to check to see if the money are not forced, but in the meantime they steal your money. Keep to the speed limit at all times, actually drive slower than the speed limit, as they will stop you anyway for speeding. We were 7 cars travelling together, and each one was stopped at some point. Have Meticals or Rand with you as you have to pay the fine right there - ask a receipt!!!! The traffic also travels as they want, sometimes from the wrong side of the road, especially in Maputo, be aware at all times.

Arriving at the Lodge after 16 hrs of travelling, was a relief. The Lodge itself was pleasant and very helpful. Will recommend the stay there. The Hawkers is just very pestering and don't take NO for an answer. Even when trying to take a walk on the beach was not a pleasant experience. I also want to give advice when buying fresh seafood. Please take note that the sellers change the weight to pounds, when you not looking, and you end up paying double. Don't let them close to your cottage, otherwise they will pester you every day.

The sight seeing was pleasant and the beaches beautiful. As we travelled from KZN it was just so far. We decided to travel back trough Swaziland, which was much more pleasant and shorter.You don't have to take to much meticals with, as you can draw at an Autobank. Got a good exchange rate. Petrol prices change from station to station, so look for the best price before filling up.

I hope those travelling to Mozambique will find this information helpful.

Date: Jul 2015

Reviewed by: Adrie

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A Little Peace Of Paradise

If you want to experience the real (Island Feel) holiday, then this is the place to go. Pristine white beaches and the seawater is so warm, it feels like you are relaxing in the bath. The accommodation is spacious (we slept in 8 sleeper) and is a stone throw away from the beach and sea. To cool down, go and jump in the swimming pool right on the beach and order an ice cold cocktail from the bar. The staff of the lodge assisted promptly when asked and saw to all our needs. The service of the bar staff, waiters and kitchen staff is extremely slow (luckily we didn't care as we were in an absolute state of relaxation).


Reviewed by: Mariette Welthagen


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