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Awesome Areia Branca

We enjoy camping and visited Areia Branca in early January 2013. Our experience was one that made us want to return as soon as we possibly could. It was a long drive from the Goba Border Post. However, once we arrived it was well worth the journey. We found the management to be really friendly and they went out of their way to be of service to us and make sure we were comfortable. Staff were on site until late at night ensuring the ablutions were always spotless. The beach and estuary were also stunning. The bar and take-away were very adequate and the splash pool was great.

Date: Jan 2013

Reviewed by: Annette from South Africa

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Countrified Elagance....

We randomly selected the lodge not knowing what to expect as we've never been to it before. It is full of nature and freedom in the air. We are looking forward to visiting again, it really is a great place. The chalets aren't 5 star luxury, but the comfort is amazing and it's just so peaceful. For self catering you get everything that you require. We really liked the food that we could by at the market in Moz to cook meals. The area and the location is lovely. And to top it all of, I also got engaged. We were so relaxed here, it was an amazing time, and i just want to go back!!!


Reviewed by:Paul

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One awesome holiday!!!

After a terrible long drive, we finally arrived at our destination we wanted to be, hence Areia Branca Lodge. It really felt a bit like heaven. We had gone in the low season, prefer it over high season, we like it when it is quiet and not crowded and people not always on the water making noise with jet skis and speedboats. We needed some time to relax and unwind,


Reviewed by:Marques

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