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Where do you stay on Panglao island?

Panglao Island

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There is lots of places to stay on Panglao, the best locations are the breachfront resorts but of course they are also the most expensive!, staying a little further from the beach means more walking but less cost...

Beaches of Panglao


There are several beaches around the island, the main well known one is Alona Beach - photo above - which is also the busiest beach and you can do everything here, there are numerous bars, cafes, dive centres, massages, island tours and places to stay, the beach is pleasant and it is easy to arrive and spend your entire time just on Alona Beach.

Quieter Beaches

Panglao Island

If you like a bit more space to yourself and some peace and quiet then head a little further around the island and head to either Bikini beach or the best beach on the island ...

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