Welcome to Camiguin Island Philippines

Come and enjoy Camiguin Island it has a lot to offer

Camiguin Island

An island made up of seven volcanoes (not erupting ones) in the Philippines, Camiguin Island is south of the Visayas and north of Mindanao and is a very safe island to visit and explore

Getting to Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island

The easiest way is by flight, there are daily flights from Manila, Cebu and Davao to Camiguin, there are no international flight. Flight prices vary greatly planning in advance and booking ahead can yeild some great cheap deals while late booking holidays means expensive flights.

Cheaper but much, much longer is boat trip

Camiguin Island

It is possible to get to Camiguin by boat, from Cebu its overnight ferry to Cagayan do Ouro then from Cagayan do Ouro its 2 hours bus and one hour ferry across to Camiguin.

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