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Awesome Family Holiday

We had a gret time and loved the accommodation and facilities. Kids loved having the pool and the rooms were gorgeous and provided a lovely cool place to escape to when the sun got a little to warm.Staff were all really friendly and very accommodating.Would recommend this place to everyone wanting a gret place to stay.

Date: Aug 2013

Reviewed by: Juanine Montile from New Zealand

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Nice Accommodation...

The chalets as well as the tents are very comfy, neat and tidy. It is a great stop over on the way to Kasane or Maun. The Pans are also nearby if you seek to explore it. The food is good and there is a lot of staff that's friendly. I recommend this Lodge.


Reviewed by:Alan

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Felt Uncomfortable

On our way to South Africa he stayed at Nata Lodge. Two security guards watched as we set up our campsite. There was no privacy, they were there the entire time, only left when we left and the campsite was next to the washroom or the showers, it was so unpleasant because the security guards were always there. The dinner at the restaurant was horrible. The waitress was very grumpy and irritated, and threw our bread on the table. The experience at Nata Lodge was just not fun at all.


Reviewed by:Claudia

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