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Elephant Extravaganza

My husband still talks about Elephant Sands, although it has been almost a year since our holiday. Being able to sit so close to the elephants and watch them in their natural habitat was fantastic. The evening meal was very rustic and VERY tasty and was once of the best meals we had on our holiday.If we had the chance, we would be back visiting there tomorrow.

Date: Aug 2012

Reviewed by: Juanine Montile from New Zealand

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Perfect to get intact with wildlife

Elephant Sands is a very elegant place and is perfect to get intact with wildlife. The elephants come so close to you, drinking at the waterhole or walking past your room. The food was unbelievably great, I have never tasted such delicious food on any of our previous holidays. The only thing about this place was the bad quality mattresses that they had, it can improved!


Reviewed by:Jane

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Loved the Elephants...

We were fortunate enough to stop at Elephant Sands on our trip to Botswana. The manager was fantastic and very helpful. We had a great time. The chalets are beautiful and cozy but in winter it intends to get quite cold. The showers are nice, but you should just wait a while for the hot water to come through. The best time is at the waterhole and the lodge it self. More then 200 elephants coming and going at the waterhole. While we were enjoying the fire and the view of the waterhole there was a showdown between eles and a kudu which was quite epic.
The food was amazing and we were allowed to have a barbeque on our second night.
This was genuinely one of the best times ever !!


Reviewed by:Steven

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