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Special prices

It was the best moment of my life staying here

Date: Jan 2015

Reviewed by: Richard

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Had a few faults

We had an aircon and a fridge and a bathroom, but there were quite a few faults at this lodge when we visited. The shower head was blocked and we struggled to get it unblocked. There was no cutlery or plates for the guest to use, so we had no choice but to use the restaurant.

Only dinner and breakfast was served, no lunch and they were very expensive for the quality food that was being served. The food was over cooked and there wasn't much of a variety either. The dinner was atleast a bit more tastier but not that great. The service was out dated, had to ask for things more than once. The managers were no where to be found which screamed for poor managing.


Reviewed by: Kevin

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Ok for a stopover

We stayed here for 2 nights as we wanted to visit a few places before moving on. We booked into a chalet with a river view and was neat and also clean. The lodge is situated next to the South-African border. There wasn't really any activities to do at the lodge.

For just a stop over I guess it was okay but if you were looking for fun and interesting activities to do I would prefer you booking into another lodge. The staff were brilliant but the restaurant was over priced and the food was nothing to brag about.


Reviewed by: Alpen

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