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Tranquility at its best

Date of visit: first week in May 2014. We stayed in a self catering room, kitted out with a little kitchen, bedroom with three beds, bathroom with shower. It was cleaned every day.

The highlight of the day was to sit on your stoep; late afternoons and see literally dozens of elephants coming down to Senyati's trademark, a big water hole. There they would play in the water, bathe themselves and just frolick around till late in the evenings.

Another highlight was the pub. It was open with only a book in which you wrote down what you took to drink. When you left, they added this to whatever charges you have accumulated. They arranged sunset boat cruises, they arranged the trip to Vic Falls, what a pleasure. To top it off, the people at reception were most friendly and most helpful.

Date: May 2014

Reviewed by: Frans

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They need more shady trees, otherwise the rest was great.


Reviewed by: Peter

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