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Very bad experience

I had a very bad experience, they deducted money from my Credit Card without permission and do not want to pay it back, its 4910 pula!!! I’ve been in contact with them and they admit that they were wrong. Every week just promises to pay back my money but nothing happen, it is a lost case to go there so be aware, Watch out!!! I am struggling for 5 months to get back my money but nothing happen and nobody want to help me.

Date: Jan 2015

Reviewed by: Jan

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A bit disappointing

The overall appearance of the Lodge is clean and the staff were top notch, however the chalet was adequate - the mattress was too small for the bed base, proved to b a bit a problem!. A small fridge would have been nice. On the upside, being right on the river was wonderful! The sunrises and sunsets ... magnificent!

The restaurant was a disappointment. No choice of wine - only white available - the food was ... well ... not the best. And over priced. Maybe the management could make a nice little package deal with breakfast included to sweeten the deal in future.

Date: May 2013

Reviewed by: Annonymous

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Terrible time at this lodge

We had a terrible time at Toro safari Lodge, our room was without an aircon and only after we've complained about it, moved us to a room with air-conditioning. The new rooms door lock was pulled out and it stayed open all the time, and we had to wait for them to come and fix it. there was nothing clean about the bathrooms, there was no toiletries or towels.

They wanted us to pay for breakfast on our way to check out, but we already paid for it when we made the booki9ng with our travel agent, after a while they had a look and admitted they were in the wrong. We also had to pay for a boat cruise and a game drive, and when we spoke to our travel agent she informed us that the price we paid included the boat trip as well as the game drive. I was not happy at all!!


Reviewed by: Adam

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