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Hi allWe have taken a two night stopover in Kasarne.This Thebe River Lodge is GREAT - we have done camping and found walking to town and border post quite save and a scenic route.
Will definitly stay and make this a base for our ventures to Zambia and Zimbabwe and other joyfull experiences you get in Kasarne.We saw & heard alot of animals!
People extremely friendly and helpful. Banks offer quick and relaible exchange of your money. Prices are a bit cheaper than South Africa.

Date: Aug 2013

Reviewed by: Anne-MarieThiart from South Africa

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Pitty no river entery...

We stayed here for 2 nights, the rooms were okay and we appreciated the mosquito nets but really didn't need them. They also had tea and coffee facilities and a luxurious bath. The river is right next to the Lodge but you are not able to go to the river because the lodge is fenced in. The animals mostly game to the river at night but didn't really see anything. The river cruise is fascinating at sunset!!!


Reviewed by:Olivia

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My wife, 2 children and me stayed here for 4 nights in a family rooms. The family room was nice and large and clean. There isn't really access to the river which was kind of a bummer. The staff was friendly but seemed like it was just because they we obligated to be and that put the mood down a bit. We did not make use of the restaurant much, only once so can't really say if it was good or not.


Reviewed by:Devan

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