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Not a pleasant camping experience

The Lodge and service are good, but camping is terrible. We were booked for 5 days and could not once unpack any of our camping gear. We had to unpack to make food, pack away after we ate or made coffee. We could not even relax in our camp because of the baboons and warthogs.

To go on boat trips etc. is nice but wait until you get back to your camp - not a pleasant experience and I will not recommend that to anybody

Date: Mar 2015

Reviewed by: Annatjie

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Truly excellent

I was here for 3 days staying in the safari room, truly excellent. It has its own balcony on the river, and the room is comfy and quiet. It really has a africa feel to it and I loved the double bathroom settlement. The one night I spent in a hut and there was hippos right outside, the hut was nice and I would want to come back and stay in the huts.

Everything about this lodge is great including their own planned game drives.


Reviewed by: Sharon

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A bit unhappy

We had gone to this camp for 2 nights and was a bit unhappy, we stayed here with some friends and children. our friends had the safari room which was ideal for a family room and we got a river room with 2 double beds but no separate room for our children, thought that was a bit ridiculous.

I went to complain at the reception and they tried to do me in before changing the rooms. The river rooms is old and out dated, whereas the safari rooms are big and spacious it is decorated with a african theme. It has a lovely river view and the bathrooms are nice and big. There are bunk beds in the kids room and it is so that it gives the adults privacy. Service is horrible and staff are grumpy most of the time.


Reviewed by: Angi

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