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Home away from home

The first time I actually went to this place was because of its close proximity to everything one will ever need when in Francistown. I will not look much into bedding and all that but I like to spend less when travelling and Diggers Inn offers exactly that.

This place has its own top class restaurant and bar place. Below that down stairs there are hair salons, a bottle store, book shops, a night club just across the road and a pool bar just opposite its back entrance. A walk to the Nzano Mall is just 5 min walk away and the bus rank is only 7 min walk away.

This place I recommend to any traveller who would like to stay in Francistown.

Date: Jul 2015

Reviewed by: Tshepo

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Great service and affordable

The lodge was great for the following reasons:
Warm welcome, cleanliness of the reception area as well as the rooms, affordable and close proximity to shops and filling station.

Date: Mar 2015

Reviewed by: Mosadiwapula

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Just a stop over...

On our way to Maun we stopped over at the Diggers Inn, it was in a nice location. The layout and decoration of the hotel was nice. The rooms were big but the bathroom just didn't cut it for me it was dirty, full of hair and the TV's remote wasn't working. The woman at the reception was not friendly at all. I expected more from the restaurant and the pub, the ribs I ordered were okay I guess.

If all you want is a stop over then the place isn't too bad. But it is a bit over priced.


Reviewed by: Bente

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Just as a lot of other hotels in Botswana, the Diggers Inn is over priced for what they offer. The fan and aircon didn't work and my room was so dirty, then I got moved 3 times before I got a room that was liveable. I must say the rooms were quite big and the bathroom too but I don't think anyone would want to stay here if you really take a good look at the carpets etc.

There was only 1 channel on the tv that actually worked, they obviuosly don't expect people to be watching TV. There was even wildlife in the bathrooms that really wasn't wanted there. The fan sounded like a trekker busy on the field and the aircon only worked on 17 degrees, atleast I could use it when it was extremely hot.


Reviewed by: Jacques

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