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Victoria Prices

It is very rear to find a great hotel at a reasonable price, We stayed in a ground floor room. The rooms are very basic but nice and clean with a comfortable bed. The blankets and linen are always fresh. The shower is nice and refreshing. The TV and air conditioning are a nice bonus. The front desk arranged a sight seeing trip, it was amazing and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The breakfast was nice. We requested an already breakfast for the next morning, since we had a n early flight and we were denied. I don't know if id stay here again, but considering the price it is worth it.


Reviewed by: Makenzie

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White River Rafting Scene

I booked in the hotel to try out the white river rafting scene. The location was excellent close to almost everything. The restaurant staff need to pick up the pace little bit, they take forever to take you’re order. I ended up eating at another restaurant the next day; the hotel restaurant has very limited choices. The room I received was nice and clean; the signal was very poor though. If you’re looking for a place to stay on a budget then I recommend the Victoria Suites.


Reviewed by: Nelly

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Waste Of Money

I was very disgusted with the hotels cleanliness, the lobby is dirty and smells funny. The bathroom only comes with complimentary soap. The noise from the hall at night is outrages. The TV had bad signal. One of the biggest issues I had was the front desk, we were called on our second stay and they informed us that we needed to move another room, as our room was reserved. I was totally outraged, we booked the room four nights and paid for that exact room, I felt it was unnecessary to move us.

This hotel needs a few lessons on customer service; the fact that they are not willing to go that extra mile makes them terrible. They can't give you a room then ask you to move out so that another guest can move in, that is absolute nonsense. The manager needs to step in and take responsibility for the terrible service and staff. I will never stay here again; it was a waste of my time and hard earned money.


Reviewed by: Sam

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