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The Uptown Experience

I loved the hotels central location, I was able to get to the mall whenever I wanted without trouble. The rooms were nice and clean, with a LED TV and a lovely leather sofa. The bathroom is very nice with all the necessary toiletries provided. The bed in the room is very comfortable, I slept like rock. The staff were very helpful during my stay, I couldn’t imagine staying anywhere else.


Reviewed by: Tracey

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Uptown With The Kids

I stayed here with my children and they really enjoyed the place. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The service was exemplary. The airport was only a few minutes way, which is very convenient. The room had it's own kitchen so we could cook our own meals, it was a nice touch. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice place to stay for an affordable price.


Reviewed by: Geffrey

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Best Stay Ever

This was more than I expected, the rooms were beautifully furnished and cleaned. My family and I ordered breakfast and room service delivered within minutes. The coffee shop in the lobby serves the best coffee in town. The hotel is ten minutes away from the air port so we had no problem catching an early flight the nest day. This was the best stay I have ever had in Cagayan De Oro.


Reviewed by: Isabella

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