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What A Tune

The hotel is cleaned to perfection, the fresh smell is the air was truly magnificent. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The room was nice and spacious, with Free WI-FI and the flat screen TV had a nice amount of channels. The location is grate, you can walk to the mall and do all you’re shopping in minutes! Keep it up guys, thank you so much for everything!


Reviewed by: Andrew

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Just Right

The hotel is situated in the middle of the city, so getting around is no problem. There are restaurants and shops close by, perfect for all you’re shopping needs. The rooms are very clean and comfortable; the room comes equipped with a flat screen TV, Free WI-FI and a nice hairdryer.

The bathroom is nice and spacious, they provide you with all the toiletries you could possibly need. The shower is fantastic; it was nice and easy to move around in. I was very pleased with the cleanliness of the bathroom sink as well.

The staff are very friendly and helpful. No question went unanswered; they really know how to treat a guest. The service is incredible, and everything is done with a genuine smile. The front desk helped me b0ooj a ticket out of Cagayan De Oro and helped me get a cab, I was very thankful for their kindness.


Reviewed by: Stephan

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Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

I loved the hotels local area, I was able to get around without any trouble. The rooms were clean and comfortable. The staff were very friendly, service was superb. I couldn’t of picked a better place.


Reviewed by: Bethanie

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My Tune

This was my first stay at the Tune Hotel, the rooms were clean, the staff were friendly. The food was great. I really enjoyed my stay.


Reviewed by:Jack

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