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The VIP Experience

The rooms have been redecorated, I must say they did an excellent job. The breakfast was alright, it could be allot better, they should try and include some vegetarian dishes. The staff were very friendly and accommodating during my stay, they arranged a water rafting lesson for me with no problems.

Everything was done with a smile, I found that to be very nice. The location is perfect, I was able to walk around and explore local restaurants and stores. I truly do hope I get stay here again, they really made it a pleasant stay and I will never forget there effort.


Reviewed by: Fran

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This Is Service

We arrived before check in time, but the staff helped us with no questions asked. The rooms are all very spacious and clean, the prices are very reasonable. I was very impressed with there service. The room we had had a nice TV, Free WI-FI, coffee maker and a phone. The bathroom was nice and clean and they provided us with all the necessities.


Reviewed by: Anna

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VIP No Ways!

If you're looking for a dirty room with a lumpy bed, smelly bathroom and bugs everywhere then stay here!


Reviewed by: Ben

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Stay At The VIP

This is a nice relaxing get away. The food is exceptional and the staff are great. Give it a try, stay at the VIP Hotel!


Reviewed by: Dan

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