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Dedicated Staff

The rooms are clean and comfortable. The front desk helped us book a flight, and took care of all our travel arrangements. I found the staff to be very hard working and dedicated people. I look forward to staying here again.


Reviewed by: Arnold

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Never Disappoint

I have stayed here on countless occasions and they never disappoint. The hotel is located in a busy area, but it still gives you a relaxing feeling. The rooms are very clean and comfortable, there are no windows but that didn’t bother me much. It's a nice budget hotel.


Reviewed by: Gabriel

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Patience Of A Saint

The hotel is located in a central area, close to stores, restaurants, airports and anything else you could possibly need. The rooms are quite small but reasonably clean. The air conditioning system works perfectly. The room door is a bit unsafe, considering it's a sliding door. The restaurant is a bit pricey with there meals. The restaurant only serves meals for breakfast, so if you’re hungry you will have to find another restaurant close by.


Reviewed by: Sarah

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