Kawasan Falls Cebu Philippines

Bus drop off point

Kawasan Falls

This is where the bus will drop you off, as soon as you step off the bus you will get people trying to get you to take bikes drivers and guides to the falls - none of which you need but it does give you an indication of how commercial and money making the place has become. Guides will tell you it is difficult to find, bike drivers will tell you it is a ling way and the path is difficult ... IGNORE them all its a very easy 20 minute walk along a clear path to the falls.

A beautiful walk alongside the Matutinao River ...

Kawasan Falls

Follow the path beside the picturesque Matutinao River which would be a delightful quiet walk if it were not for the constant buzz and having to step out of the way of all the motorbikes ferrying lazy people to and from the falls!

Entrance fee to Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

About halfway along the path you will come to this small shack beside the road where they shout at you as you walk along to come and pay the entrance fee ... and this is where I really start to get upset ... in 2015 fees were P10 for everybody, in 2016 its P20 for Filipionos and P40 for foriegners, now this is not a great amount of money I know but it is purely money making like all the other things going on at the falls, and they are not even looking after the falls, river or surrounding area with the money, rubbish is scattered along the path and in the river and at the falls you have to pay for everything including the toilet - as a result I saw several visitors just standing beside the path in full view having a toilet break!

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