Want to visit Botswana but put off by the prices
and need for a 4WD? Then read on its not true!

Botswana land of diamonds and expensive safaris ...Botswana

When you hear about Botswana there are several things that come up, the wildlife which is spectacular, the road conditions which can be difficult in places, and the price are very high.

Well I decided to challenge the myth that you must have a 4wd and pay a lot of money to enjoy a trip to Botswana, of course I was hoping to prove that the wildlife was indeed spectacular...

Take one 2 wheel drive car and load it with camera equipmentBotswana

This is the car I took, its a typical size rental car, 2 WDrive with a reasonably low ground clearance.
The first advantage over renting a big 4wd is the much lower cost of both the rental (1/3 cost) and the fuel cost and driving in Botswana means covering some long distances.

First make sure the paperwork is all in order for crossing the border.Botswana

You will need the following papers for your vehicle:
Ownership papers (owner must be present or have signed a verified letter of consent)
If the vehicle has a bank loan on it you must get a letter from the bank approving the border crossing.
Rental vehicles must have a letter of permission from the rental company allowing cross border travel.

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